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Cambridge Adventure Day Camp 

“CADC shows campers that there are people who care about them outside of their homes, and it’s a safe, fun environment that they can look forward to every year.”

“CADC gave me the opportunity to give back to the city and community that had such a profound impact on my life.”

“CADC helped me grow, stretch, and learn. It has equipped me with the tools necessary to pursue a career with kids. I am thankful to work with talented people who encourage me to be better everyday.”

“CADC brought me into one of the most dedicated and caring communities I have ever been a part of.”

Daybreak Day Camp 

“I am a parent of three children who have attended Daybreak Day Camp. It’s not a place that just exists for the summer, it’s so much deeper than that”

“It is such a relief as a parent to know that [our daughter] spent five weeks thriving. The change at night was astonishing. Her stress level was so incredibly reduced, she was her best, wonderful self. You gave us such an incredible gift these past five weeks. I think we will all be sobbing when camp ends.”

 “At Daybreak, our daughter formed meaningful bonds with other children and counselors, participated in group and individual activities and began to internalize messages about respect and self-regulation. In short, she has been able to achieve in only a few weeks what she was unable to in her camp last summer, and in the intervening school year.”