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Can We Please Have S'More?

Can We Please Have S'More?

Friday, August 8, 2014

You blink, and your summer is over. 

Today we reach the end of the 2014 camp season and say goodbye to each other for another year. At Nature Camp, we have been busy with a wide range of activities that have helped us extend our adventure just a wee bit longer. We went mushroom hunting, made visors, grilled, and wrote in our journals. We churned butter and enjoyed it on some crackers with fresh chives picked from the garden. We swam at Walden Pond, splashed through a spray park, and slip-slided all the way to Friday...and now here we are, roasting marshmallows around the campfire and wishing we could have s'more. Fortunately, just as the gooey marshmallow and chocolate from the sandwich stick to our fingers, so too the friendships and memories stick to our hearts when the summer comes to its bittersweet end.

We wish everyone a fond farewall as they continue their adventures at school and at play during the coming months, and we thank all who spent time with us at CADC this summer. It was a great, great time.