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CADC 2015 Week Two: Brazil

CADC 2015 Week Two: Brazil

It’s been a busy week for our campers and staff here at CADC. From pools and beaches to farms and playgrounds, we’ve had plenty of adventures already.  On camp here at Matignon High School, campers have enjoyed activities related to our theme: “Around the World in 25 Days.”  At the end of last week, campers filled out passports with information about themselves and also wrote and drew pictures describing some of the adventures they had during the week. Starting this week, campers had a great time engaging in activities related to our current country: Brazil. Among other activities, they drew pictures of tropical birds while listening to the soundtrack of Rio and danced the samba while playing Brazilian beats.  Tomorrow, all of camp will be able to experience another one of Brazil’s favorite pastimes: hanging at the beach!

Lower camp had a surprise visit from Curious Creatures!


We had a great time at Nantasket beach!


Campers did a great job filling out their passports for week 1. They will add to their passports every week with updates from each country.

We finished off our first week with an all-camp FIELD DAY!!!


Sponge-Dodgeball is always a big hit!